What comfort is REALLY for…

Leap out! in warm cashmere.

Jump off! in a pink bubble.

Stand strong! in soft billowing blue cotton.

Dear One:

Let us talk about the COMFORT Connection:

Throughout my life, I used to consider comfort as a supreme destination…the end-all to any suffering I may be in..

Comfort: ahh…the antidote to all that ails…

I missed the whole point of it.

I realized that Comfort plays a supporting role in our own supreme discomfort, yes.
Indeed, to have one without the other would not make sense.

I truly believe that Comfort exists so that we can experience discomfort and keep moving forward in spite of ourselves and our circumstances.

As a spiritual being in human form, we stand less chance at growth and fulfillment if we did not have our COMFORTS along the way.
A hand held, a warm mug, a soft dog, a healthy check-up, a friend.

But we are not meant to STAY in the still warm cocoon. We are not meant to stop and burrow…not for long anyway.
We are here to become the best version of ourselves in spite of ourselves and the challenges this human life brings. We are here to expand in love and awareness.

So, take your comfort, gather your soul nourishment and…
keep moving forward.
Wrap yourself in your special comforts and Keep moving forward into the face of the unknown…because when you are comfortable with the unkown- therein lies the gold that surpasses your wildest dreams.

It. is. true.

*This week, decide on one important thing you have been putting off. Do (or take the first step towards doing) this one thing while engaging in something special just for you. Some little comfort nestled around your ears and wrapped around your heart as this warrior cloaks herself in armor.

Go on now…

Leap out~in warm cashmere.
Jump off~ in a pink bubble.
Stand strong~ in soft billowing blue cotton.
You are and always will be infinite Love so…

No worries, precious warrior…
just JUMP.

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