The Time Is NOW podcast-

We want The Time Is Now podcast to be your new best friend.

We KNOW your time is precious and we want to offer solutions to you on every podcast.

We know you have important things to do in your life and we want to help give you simple action steps that you can use right away and help you to dial in to what is really going to make a HUGE difference in your life.

There is no sugar coating the sometimes taboo topics we dive into. We talk raw and loving and candid truth. And we 100% let our intuition (Holy Spirit) lead us every step of the way.

But we are not a preach session- we are two successful entrepreneurs who have learned to partner with God in business, relationship, health and in order to reach our highest level of success …and we are still very much IN the journey of elevation- not masters.

Each podcast is 15 minutes long and packed full of powerful stories and gifts that will help you reconnect to your God Light and elevate your life on every level.