The saving bliss of slowing down.

I am a very sensitive soul. Sometimes I wish I were thicker -skinned but then I wonder if life would be the same. What I have learned is that this sensitive, energetic creative self is how I am made and learning myself is the most important thing I can do for myself, my family and everyone in my world.

I learned that all my fire passion will serve no one if not tended and banked regularly. Delicious naps (one this afternoon), taking social media off my phone, best food I can find and create, time to sing and write and sing some more…to balance my entire self inside the beat and rhythm and sound.

I learned that the winds of blessing swirl closer and I can do so much more so much better when I do less.


Winter is deep and cold. The natural inclination is the right one. To rest in blanket and drink hot things, to sleep when the light goes down and rise when the sun comes up. And time …acres of time that seems to keep expanding more and more as I do less and say no more often.

I love to love and I love to create.

With those two shining anthems as my guides I am softly and gently and beautifully unstoppable…and so it is for YOU. What do you want?

I invite you to peruse what I have waiting for you…simpler, richer, deeper, softer. And if you would like to talk privately with me cup of tea in hand, well dear one just go here.

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