What I learned from Walt Disney and How I Apply It to My Own Coaching Business

First off, let me say that I am a huge Disney fan- convert- devotee- addict- you name it. But for me, it’s not about the rides or Mickey or the ease of having annual passes to the world’s most popular destination…

it’s about creative fulfillment. I love that Walt imagined the best of what the human mind can create and then he set out to make it a physical reality. He has even been quoted as saying that ‘this IS my reality.’

See, I grew up thinking you go to college, work hard at a job, take a vacation or two each year, buy a home, retire etc…

And to some degree I did those things. And you know what? I felt trapped and bored. NOT a good combo for this girl. That was not the reality I wanted- I wanted creative fulfillment. I wanted the freedom to travel. I wanted to be where I felt the most alive , doing what I loved the most.For me, that just wasn’t going to happen following the status quo. I would share my vision early on with people and most of the time I got eye rolls and smirks.

But I did it. It took me a little while to learn and accept my true limitless value and how that lines up with any creative income generator…but I did it.

And THAT is the reality I want for you. The one I/you create that feels best. I think that is what Walt was saying…you can choose your own reality by lining up your passion with your gifts and life experience in a way that serves others profoundly.

Walt, Roy… you two brothers outdid yourselves. The world (or most of it) took notice and we keep coming back for more of the MAGIC.

I place these same timeless rhythms into my consulting and coaching biz helping people around the globe, for the past 4 years, create and launch successful dream businesses, helping them to create a new reality.

One of the things I first did when I started my own business was to look at what, in my industry, could be improved upon. I noticed some BIG holes and gaps in the biz coaching industry and endeavored to fill the holes as part of my signature offerings.

And it worked, my biz continues to grow bigger and better each year.

I believe this is because I give the experience to my clients that I want to receive myself. I go above and beyond because I am as fired up about their dream biz as they are. That is the Walt coming through in me. There are no holes and no limits, friends.

Another part of my biz is music and also is one of the reasons I adore Disney. As a professional vocalist and top line writer- music is in my bones and one of my dreams is to get a song placed somewhere within the Disney network. Now, when I started creating songs a few years ago, I had no clue what I was doing I just went with my heart. I got interested in sync music and knew that was where I wanted to be musically. So, 5 signed songs later…that is gaining traction. My point is , 3 years ago I had no clue nor could I see myself successful as a songwriter- singer heck yes- been wowing crowds for years…but writing melody and lyric?

Hmm… makes me wonder what more lies ahead that I didn’t really think I could pull off.

Same goes for you, by the way.

What is one thing you have been wanting and have not yet received?

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Why I need Disney like air and why you do too…

So this is a new blog but honestly I’ve been blogging about Disney on FB posts, in person meet ups and pretty much to anyone who will stand still long enough because…

I am a devout Disney person- much more than a fan- it’s one of my passions because I see what Walt Disney took from his heart and inspite of the naysaying from his nearest and dearest he made magic come to life. And it has not stopped growing. There is a reason people go to Disneyworld and Disneyland over and over again. It is a rich multi-sensory experience that will blow your mind everytime. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this blog I will feature different aspects of each park and each resort- they are all exquisitely themed. I do this because I think if you are reading this blog then you need to go too…and also so you can learn more and decide when and where you would like to go.

I often have people say to me “how do you afford to travel there so often?” The truth is~ I have a successful coaching and consulting business for entrepreneurs that gives me total freedom to work when I want and from wherever I am. The other part of it is…I am also a performer/ singer and writer and my intention is to one day get a song of mine placed inside the Disney empire. Honestly I get my magic doses when I am in the Majic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom or Epcot or Hollywood Studios. 

See, I believe this need in me to be part of all things Disney is a calling card from God~ a nudge from the Divine saying “hey you…the one who eats too much ice cream and obsesses over your next trip…you got gifts, now use em! You know where to go and what to do…just keep on. You’ll get there sooner and easier than you may think.”  That is true for you too, my friend.

Disney does it for me. I hope you will find your own Disney and maybe even some inspiration in this blog.

First up is our favorite Disney resort Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resorts leaves nothing to lack…it is heaven to come back here time and again and the minute you arrive it is like stepping into a lush african savannah and in the middle of it is the huge lobby of AKL Jambo House- dark and cool with wood and the smell of spice and smoke and don’t even get me started on the african art that decorates the lodge.

This is a resort for you if you love nature and your family loves animals, you are literally surrounded by giraffe, zebra, wildebeast, gazelle and dozens of other savanah wildlife. 

The food at Boma is excellent with a wide array of african and american dishes (try the boboti and the zulu cabbage!).

The rooms are great too, as all Disney rooms are, for the most part -these have lots of wood and african decor. This resort is a longer bus ride to Magic Kingdom but it’s close to Animal Kingdom.  Animal Kingdom Lodge is a resort that is a great place to stay and hang out and skip the parks if you are so inclined. The pools at both Jambo House and the sister property at Kidani Village are fun and beautiful. My little girl and I have a tradition to always get a frozen coconut raspberry (na) drink from the pool bar each visit before we hit the water and we always eat dinner the first night at Boma.

There are african conservation experts stationed throughout the resort at different times with fun learning activities for the kids and engagement opportunities for the animals. There are also free night vision goggles that can be used to view the night animal life. This is a quiet resort overall…the animals are the center stage here and they are free to roam the ground and look healthy and active. I remember the first time we stayed here in 2013- I had not been to Disney since the age of 10 and I instantly fell in love with this resort.

One thing happened on our first visit though that I do want to caution you about -ADULT SCOOTERS-. My daughter who was 3 at the time was standing behind me in line to check in and my husband was getting cinnamon water offered in the lobby when a woman on a scooter zoomed by, hit my daughter and pushed her flat on the floor with the vehicle. The staff instantly raced over and made sure she was okay – brought her matching Minnie and Mickey plushes and we got an upgrade to a suite with a perfect savannah view.

 I have seen some reckless (shall I say almost entitled) behavior with a few of these adult scooters both in parks and resorts- some of whom will hop off their scooter and race to the next fast pass ride. So while most people on scooters are aware and courteous -Give them space and watch your kids. This particular woman who was staying at the resort did not even stop long enough to say she was sorry- she looked back and kept on scooting.

But don’t let that deter you because for the most part, this resort is totally unique and worth the money to stay here, It’s more than a hotel stay – its an experience in another world that you will never forget.

Just like I will never forget the first time I was waking up to the sound of soft hooves of zebra and the munching of grass by zebra…it is something you never forget. 

 Stay tuned for my next blog post and I am glad you are in my life.

If you want to set up a time to talk Disney, PM me.

And if you are a biz owner or want to be…Join my Rich Hot Free Entrepreneur Biz Academy here.


Carolan Deacon

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Baby Steps ….boring.

Baby Steps Bore Me

I realize that small steps have not often called my name. Even hearing my aunt tell me over and over “take baby steps Carolan” as  I was going through my divorce and revamping my entire career..hearing the phrase “baby steps” made me feel like scratching my eyes or running and I just wanted it all to happen yesterday.

And yet, it happens when it is supposed to and not a minute before.

I have learned that Good and potent things happen as long as I am taking steps.

I don’t have a problem with steps…just the size of them.

For me, I find peace in the bold or big step, Maybe even relief.

One way  I fill the need for big and bold is in marketing consistently.

because Confidence and clarity around successfully marketing what you offer comes up a LOT with my clients.

I get it. Honestly, I used to cringe myself when I heard the word MARKETING.

and as a mentor to amazing women in their freedom-centered online business, I can tell you that most starting out, CRINGE when they hear the word marketing.

So what do we do to remedy this?

We lean into your own True Voice AND we wrap it warmly around your WHY.

when you do that, marketing the beauty of what you offer feels easy and natural…and it calls forth epic abundance.

Ready for YOUR epic freedom NOW? Let’s talk.


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Your Voice is a great indicator of your success.

This is from one of my voice programs earlier in my career and it still holds true for every single entrepreneur now- USE your voice. Doors open…income goes up.

Read over this and see where you are~

Warrior archetype:

Empowered~ Empowered Warrior speaks her Truth with effortless ease and she has an innate sense of her strength and personal freedom. She often finds herself using her voice to help those who do not have a Voice. She stands on a solid, strong foundation of her own personal Truths and because of this, she is fearless. She does not give concernto what others may say or think of her. She believes the affirmation of “I can take care of myself”. “I can speak for my true self.” Warrior knows the power of circling withother women in a protected journey where she can have her cup filled.

Silenced~ Silenced Warrior sometimes acts in fear by using her voice as a defensive means to protect herself and if she feels severely threatened she may sometimes use her words/thoughts on the offensive and say things she does not really mean and that can be painful. She may have trouble creating and enforcing healthy boundaries in her work and personal life. She is sometimes uncertain what her deepest Truths are.

The reality that Warrior is learning is this:
The quality of her relationships, her honesty with herself , her Joy factor, her income and her sense of fulfillment are only as good as her ability to speak and live her TRUTH.

Want to speak some truth to me about what you want and what you no longer want so I can help you get there faster?

Schedule your free Freedom Breakthrough session here.

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YOU and the adventure you may be missing.

I am an air and fire woman – in planning motion even as I crave peace and stillness.

I need grounding practices usually every day.

Otherwise I miss my moments to BE. I miss my moments of REAL magic. I miss my moments of GENUINE opportunity.

So each morning I wake up. I drink my water with fresh lemon. I heat the kettle and brew organic coffee.

I pray. I meditate (most of the time anyway).

And I let it go … in trust and faith.

So then what???

I embrace the adventure of the day.

Do you know what I have noticed? The more faith and trust I have that I am being guided and looked after, the more I can really see life as an adventure to be cherished for the gift that it is. The more likely I am to tell people I love exactly how I feel about them. The more able I am to enjoy a glass of iced tea savoring the color. The more EVERYTHING.

See for yourself – set your plan in motion – do the work you have to do to back it up and let it go so you can ride the wave of adventure. I think you will see doors open, relationships heal and a new love for your awesome self  begin to BLOOM.



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