Disney’s Wilderness Lodge & my delicious Signature Recipes fit for the Lodge!

Well, I just sent a family to Universal for the weekend and seeing their joy and excitement reminds me why I chose to book these Disney and Univesal trips for people and I always pine to be there in the middle of it…but I shall have to wait until my little is out of school, May cannot get here soon enough!

So… one of my fav resorts in Disney is the Wilderness Lodge. This resort is themed for the Pacific Northwest and with a deep nod to Native American culture this feels like stepping into a whole new world. They have recently completed their pool renovations and the grounds are complete with pine, rabbits and all the details that make Disney number one.

Some of the extras that make this resort so special are the biking, fishing, archery and even the boat ride over to the Magic Kingdom because even though you may feel like you are in Washington State you are very near to Magic Kingdom!

The food here is down home themed and they even have their own dinner show similar to the Polynesian Laua.

I have included some recipes from my kitchen that are created in the theme of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge- see below.

Chicken Pot Pie~

This is like a big hug.

I use mainly organic ingredients but I use store bought pie crusts. There are some things that to me are just not worth doing by hand, but hey! If you know a great pie crust this will be even more spectacular!

6 chicken breasts.

1 cup each chopped carrot, celery, onion, peas

1 chopped clove garlic, 1 cup whole milk

1/4 cup olive oil

2 pie crusts

1 egg

1 cup chicken stock

1/4 flour

Cook the chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper in olive oil in pan.

Remove and add chopped veggies and garlic- cook for 10 til soft

then add flour mixing well- then add stock- stir again and then add milk.

cook for ten and add peas and chicken and fresh thyme.

Pour into pie crusts and top with other crust

Bake at 350 until golden brown.

This is served with my southern collards

Pot full of chopped collards, dollop of evoo, half on onion, 1 cup slaw mix- 2 tbsp organic chicken base and 1/4 water. Cook for one hour.

if this does not comfort you while nourishing your soul… then maybe you need my blueberry rice pudding for dessert.

1 cup fresh blueberries- 1 cup maple syrup

simmer berries in the syrup until they burst creating a blue syrup

mix with 4 cups cooke jasmine rice, 1/2 tsp salt

and 1/4 brown sugar.

For this recipe I use organic ingredients and the syrup from our maple trees in Highland County- The best!

I top the pudding off after its cooked on stove for 10 with a cup of oat milk.

sweeten more to your taste or add cinnamon or cardamom.

Love in a cup. I hug you with this meal.

You are the joy my dear… live like it.



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Why Coaching is absolutely STILL one of the best businesses to be in.

I work with women and men around the globe who want freedom and fulfillment that comes from helping people.

They are coaches. They are teachers. They are corporate executives. They are doctors.

They are parents. They are office assistants.

But…the two things they all have in common is Passion for helping people overcome something that they themselves have overcome AND they have a strong desire to turn this offering into a sustainable successful freedom-centered business of their own.

There is a lot of noise on social media now about ‘6 figure months…get rich while you sleep’ etc…and while there is truth to this as a real possibility for anyone…real success starts and ends with helping someone overcome a problem. And your version of that is real and profound…don’t minimize your gifts. They were given to you for a reason.

I love my clients and I get as excited for them as they do. But believe me when I tell you, working closely with people is not for the faint of heart.

Many shy away from it.

It is the work that moves the needle….for real. It is also the work that changes lives…makes a profound impact…and creates opportunity for life changing financial success..freedom.

See, I think the world needs more BRAVE and less brag. That is where the one on one coaching comes into play.

It’s brave and powerful.

It’s lucrative in ways that allows successful coaches to make an even bigger impact and change life for their family.

It’s giving someone a co-pilot, a co-creative mind to work with and can flip the switch. YES!

So…coaches I salute you. You are seen. You are loved. You awe and inspire and please keep …ON.




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