Disney’s Wilderness Lodge & my delicious Signature Recipes fit for the Lodge!

Well, I just sent a family to Universal for the weekend and seeing their joy and excitement reminds me why I chose to book these Disney and Univesal trips for people and I always pine to be there in the middle of it…but I shall have to wait until my little is out of school, May cannot get here soon enough!

So… one of my fav resorts in Disney is the Wilderness Lodge. This resort is themed for the Pacific Northwest and with a deep nod to Native American culture this feels like stepping into a whole new world. They have recently completed their pool renovations and the grounds are complete with pine, rabbits and all the details that make Disney number one.

Some of the extras that make this resort so special are the biking, fishing, archery and even the boat ride over to the Magic Kingdom because even though you may feel like you are in Washington State you are very near to Magic Kingdom!

The food here is down home themed and they even have their own dinner show similar to the Polynesian Laua.

I have included some recipes from my kitchen that are created in the theme of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge- see below.

Chicken Pot Pie~

This is like a big hug.

I use mainly organic ingredients but I use store bought pie crusts. There are some things that to me are just not worth doing by hand, but hey! If you know a great pie crust this will be even more spectacular!

6 chicken breasts.

1 cup each chopped carrot, celery, onion, peas

1 chopped clove garlic, 1 cup whole milk

1/4 cup olive oil

2 pie crusts

1 egg

1 cup chicken stock

1/4 flour

Cook the chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper in olive oil in pan.

Remove and add chopped veggies and garlic- cook for 10 til soft

then add flour mixing well- then add stock- stir again and then add milk.

cook for ten and add peas and chicken and fresh thyme.

Pour into pie crusts and top with other crust

Bake at 350 until golden brown.

This is served with my southern collards

Pot full of chopped collards, dollop of evoo, half on onion, 1 cup slaw mix- 2 tbsp organic chicken base and 1/4 water. Cook for one hour.

if this does not comfort you while nourishing your soul… then maybe you need my blueberry rice pudding for dessert.

1 cup fresh blueberries- 1 cup maple syrup

simmer berries in the syrup until they burst creating a blue syrup

mix with 4 cups cooke jasmine rice, 1/2 tsp salt

and 1/4 brown sugar.

For this recipe I use organic ingredients and the syrup from our maple trees in Highland County- The best!

I top the pudding off after its cooked on stove for 10 with a cup of oat milk.

sweeten more to your taste or add cinnamon or cardamom.

Love in a cup. I hug you with this meal.

You are the joy my dear… live like it.



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The Farmlet Kitchen

I use my crockpot ALOT. For some reason it makes me feel like someone else is doing the cooking for me whilst I happily go about my day. It also makes the house smell warm and delicious and cozy.

This will set your insides aglow with joy.

Mexican Bean Soup

1 package each dry chick peas and lentils

1 can drained dark red kidney beans

1 can Mexican stewed tomatoes

1 -2 quarts water

1 minced shallot, 1/2 cup each chopped celery and carroty

cumin, salt, chili powder to taste…and a tbsp of brown sugar

1/2 cut olive oil

Toss it in the pot and let cook on low for about 8 hours.

Serve with avocado or quest fresco.

Great food makes for a great life, I believe it.



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the LIES

I am here to help you successfully create a new source of fulfilling income…a beautiful heart led business of your own.

I believe your heart can pull this vision off.

I believe you have got the chops to back up the vision.

Why do I believe this?

I believe this because I was right where you are now…and now I am in my 5th year of truly successful business growth. Thank you God.

I believe this because I am not for the faint of heart and if you’re here- you’ve got passion in your gut.

Like minds and all that…

So what do you think is holding you back from doing what you REALLY want to do?

I may be stepping out on a limb here but…
I believe what often keeps some of us from really owning our success is the belief of finite space for true leaders. The belief that there is not enough room is Lie #1.

There is always room for true leaders with a servant’s heart.

I believe there is another obstacle for people who keep tucked to themselves the goodness the world so desperately needs.
Lie #2~ I must reach the masses to be truly successful in my own online business.

NOTHING could be further from the truth!
Indeed, if you are going for the masses BEFORE you have successfully served the individual, you will not succeed.
Let me say this again- it’s important.
Your success is birthed from your ability to dial in to a small niche. Your ideal market- the people who desperately need what YOU have to give them. Start with small and close…serve profoundly and then circle up and ripple outward.

So let me ask you this…what change do you want for yourself in 2019?
What feeling do you crave more of in 2019?

Write it out and send back to me here. I read every single one. There is power in claiming it for yourself to another.

What’s coming up:

*Next 5 day challenge to share with a coaching friend – here
*True Voice Freedom and Biz Academy – winter session here. Opening in December.

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My Farmlet Kitchen

These salads in a jar were easy, fast and very appealing to my family.

I believe that displaying these in the frig actually creates the true desire to eat health when you see it displayed so prettily in the farmlet kitchen.


Okay so I do try to eat healthy but lately it seems no matter what I do – the pounds stay on!

I endeavor to remedy this by less carbs and more green! Plus protein – always hard to get that in as I gravitate more towards vegetarian.

These were simple and so pretty that even my 7 year old gobbled it up- I used every veggie left in our garden and tossed in some feta- yes! These keep for 3 days in the frig.

Salad in a Jar

Layer romaine , peas, tomato, peppers and feta into jar- drizzle with dressing and voila!


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Your Voice is a great indicator of your success.

This is from one of my voice programs earlier in my career and it still holds true for every single entrepreneur now- USE your voice. Doors open…income goes up.

Read over this and see where you are~

Warrior archetype:

Empowered~ Empowered Warrior speaks her Truth with effortless ease and she has an innate sense of her strength and personal freedom. She often finds herself using her voice to help those who do not have a Voice. She stands on a solid, strong foundation of her own personal Truths and because of this, she is fearless. She does not give concernto what others may say or think of her. She believes the affirmation of “I can take care of myself”. “I can speak for my true self.” Warrior knows the power of circling withother women in a protected journey where she can have her cup filled.

Silenced~ Silenced Warrior sometimes acts in fear by using her voice as a defensive means to protect herself and if she feels severely threatened she may sometimes use her words/thoughts on the offensive and say things she does not really mean and that can be painful. She may have trouble creating and enforcing healthy boundaries in her work and personal life. She is sometimes uncertain what her deepest Truths are.

The reality that Warrior is learning is this:
The quality of her relationships, her honesty with herself , her Joy factor, her income and her sense of fulfillment are only as good as her ability to speak and live her TRUTH.

Want to speak some truth to me about what you want and what you no longer want so I can help you get there faster?

Schedule your free Freedom Breakthrough session here.

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Freedom Club

You are magnetic.

I love my work. Some past True Freedom clients have been doctors, professors, moms, artists, teachers, healing artists, coaches, corporate employees ….
and you know what they ALL experienced no matter what their education or income?

A nagging feeling of discontent…a pull towards something different.
A growing sense that it was time to move on into a something new…. a heart led biz of their own… that brought freedom and mobility and fulfillment.

But not one of them ever said to me “finally Carolan NOW is the perfect time to plan my transition out of this and into THIS. I’m so glad I waited to go after my dream life!”

Not a single one.
What they DID say is “why did I wait REALLY?”

Fear. Doubt. Worthiness.

Those darn pesky players can be vanquished by
DAILY FORWARD ACTION towards what lifestyle you want. You can’t really talk your way into it alone- you WALK.
One step at a time.
And if you’ve already started an online offering or freedom – centered income stream then the same applies.

DAILY ACTION to keep your biz growing and off the ground.

Learn more here http://carolandeacon.com/freedom-club/

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