Creating (and monetizing) Your Heart’s Work~ The Synergy Sessions


You’re tired of working a 9 to 5 and giving your energy and time to someone else’s agenda.

You have a passion in your heart. You thrive in creative environments …coming ALIVE.

You’ve been wondering what it would be like to have your own creative freedom-centered business that brings a great income.

You’re just not sure where to start to make it successful AND sustainable. You want it to work for you, not the other way around.

But you DO want to start.

You want your freedom. You want to call the shots on your day and HOW you create wealth.

You want it to mean something. 

I get it. That’s where I was 5 years ago. Stuck and struggling…creatively stifled. NOW, I call the shots- I create my own version of wealth and I’m growing  every year in ways that make me feel so grateful.

See, this experience is designed to help you see and feel specific clarity around what you can do to create wealth creating. CREATING. FROM YOUR HEART.

Then we kick it up a notch and you will be guided with specific action steps to create it and grow it.

It’s Your business… Your creative passion.

But NO ONE creates success in a vacuum. We are better together.

This group experience that comes with private support from me is also where and when you learn to feel the fresh love for YOU and your life in the coming months bubbling up from deep inside. It’s just what happens when we take new aligned action in the company of like minds with expertise and guidance to help you reach your dream.

And it all happens in a smooth vortex of kindreds traveling the same path. 

This experience is perfect for you if you are thinking about starting your own freedom- centered business but you are not sure of the How, What or Who. I can definitely help you. I’ve helped many people around the globe do just that.


When and What:


*4 weekly live Focus Fire group calls recorded- focus, clarity, committment, blueprint

*Rich Hot Free passive income guide: BONUS

*Private Facebook group for close connection and growth

*Private email coaching with Carolan in between group calls

You get my eyes and expertise on anything you are working on and answers to any questions you may have.

~Once you register you will be sent a welcome packet by email with call times (always recorded) , direct email access to Carolan and invitation to join the FB group. Shh…a magical surprise package will be coming your way and shipped right to your door so be sure to include your home address in the Paypal registration below.

                  $750 one time payment below

What Academy Alumni and Rich Hot Free Entrepreneur Alumni are saying:

“If any of you is in need of a business mentor to help you start your own heart-led business or to help you grow your business online you absolutely need to speak with Carolan Deacon! This phenomenal entrepreneur is a self-made success! She has a heart of gold, the compassion of Mother Theresa, the courage of a lion, and the skills and knowledge to take your business to the next level of success and freedom! If you are serious about creating your own livelihood online and being your own boss Carolan can absolutely help you get it done!! I can’t thank her enough for all of the help, support, and encouragement she has given me.”

~K. Gibson

“Right after I started working with Carolan, things started happening, my schedule began filling with clients, and I felt more steady moving forward. I also began to see that all of the different pieces of what I offered women could all come together in a real way for the benefit of both my business and what I had to offer my clients. Carolan also has a wonderful way of making me feel she is right here with me, while really lasering in on how to access the centerpiece of what I offer- work sessions are fun and exciting to see and feel this happen.” ~ Charlene V.

“I will endorse you until the end of time! ” ~ Jennifer Sider

“Working with Carolan makes starting a new heart centered business EASY. When I first started with her, I needed more confidence and strategic how-to’s on exactly what to offer and how to do it successfully. Now, in a few short months, my business is up and running with clients (exciting!) and I’m happily looking forward to the future.” ~Lori Rinehart

“Working with Carolan is a dream come true for me. We haven’t even got my site up and running but I’m already getting clients and buyers for my work.” ~Becky Thomas

“Carolan’s natural, down to earth style and no-nonsense approach immediately puts clients at ease and puts them on the fast track to their dreams.

When I first started working with Carolan, I was stuck. I knew I wanted to go forward but wasn’t sure how to switch gears or even if I could! Carolan helped me to cut through the confusion and layers of self- doubt to uncover what my heart was longing for, then showed me step by step how to incorporate my desire for a more fulfilled and freedom centered life into my business. I have now taken my business online and, through use of social media, have a growing community of clients from all over the world.”

~ Kathleen Gubitosi, M.A. Performing Artist and Voice Mentor

“I really didn’t know what my business would be until I took Carolan’s True Voice Manifesting program”
– Suzanne Garnish Segady

“The decision to work with Carolan Deacon as my business mentor is seriously the best decision I have ever made! She has become such a dear and trusted presence in my life.I don’t even know how people do it with no help or how I’d have developed my new business, if I’d decided to go it on my own. By now, I probably would have gotten overwhelmed and would be back to doing some soul sucking job, counting the long years until retirement. Instead, I get to do work I love with women I love.” ~Martina Rutledge of  Portland, Oregon

“Carolan, you’re an amazing healer who teaches through her experience. Warrior True Voice Restored has helped me find my truth which for years was kept hidden inside of me. By letting go of old energies that no longer serve any purpose I’m learning how to live my life with purpose,strength and courage. Looking forward to next months journey with Truth, Intimacy and Creative Self Expression with Mother Creator archetype!”~ Debbie Hines  Ashland, KY

“Carolan, thank you for the past 2 weeks. I got more out of this course than I could have imagined. And the last prompt was so invigorating, so powerful! I feel Free, my own person, not attached to anyone. Finally! It feels amazing and I have you to thank. I look forward to your next course.” ~Janine Adamo  Atlanta, GA of

“Before I started working Carolan, I had so many different interests and vague ideas and just had no idea what to do with them. You know, ‘can’t see the forest through the trees’ sort of thing. Now…I have a direction(!) And tools on finding my own voice and really implementing it.It’s so refreshing to have someone literally guide me in a specific direction that not only makes sense, but aligns with my soul. She just gets it.” ~Lara Cornell of  Minneapolis MN

“Carolan, keep blowing minds!”

~Pixie Lighthorse of Redmond, Oregon

“As an entrepreneur with ideas upon ideas of creating and growing a heart-centered business, I was frustrated by how many times I had started and stopped and started and stopped. Working with Carolan gave me the motivation and determination that I needed to keep going. To keep growing. To keep believing. She challenged me to push past old mindsets that had been getting in my way time and time again and encouraged me to stretch and lean into new places. I now find myself more willing to take chances and risks and have been so excited to welcome the energy that I get from helping people set goals and achieve them. I enjoy our weekly calls together, but having access to Carolan at other, more unexpected, impromptu and spontaneous times, are the most energizing, the most refreshing. When I have an idea to share, I know she will be there to listen and encourage, with a push or a pull, just what I need, just when I need it. With Carolan’s guidance, I enjoyed a truly successful launch for my new online business, my income increased and my 2016 is going to be epic.” ~Sharon Zuckerwar  Christiansburg Virginia

“So far the concept of using my own voice has changed how I look at myself and my business. I have tried doing things as others do them and ended up with a dismal failure. Carolan is the first coach to encourage me to speak in my own voice, be true to myself. I began to feel that my voice is important and others are waiting to hear it. I have struggled to identify my ideal client and using my own voice, I found her. Carolan gives you to yourself in a way that you understand that you are enough.” ~Earth Mother Divine Sage