Jet Fuel~ Success for Singers and VO Actors ~ CAROLAN

You want to be a great singer.

You want to be a great voice over actor.

You want to make money doing it and have fun.

I can help you.

I’ve been successfully serving people as an artist mentor and business coach for 20 years. It’s my jam. So you can understand why I am so excited for this exciting new experience created for people just like you and me…singers and voice over actors that want to be heard and make money doing what they love to do.

JetFuel Platinum Package includes: 

*10 weeks of private one-on-one voice intensives (singer or actor version) with Carolan, 30 minutes each week, on Zoom.

*Branded story to help you stand out like you are meant to and so your fans can find, connect and support your work.

*60 second vocal demo for pitching purposes.


How This Works:

Once you connect with me and register, we set up the first of your sessions. You will become a master of your own power in voice. This is a game changer because not only will you be better able to perform and or seek paid jobs…you will have the confidence and the know how to use your voice in ways to call forth the desires of your heart.

Why wait? Limited spots: first come, first serve.

 Investment: $1023




Carolan~ as heard on MTV, CW, HBO, Nickelodeon and NYT

Carolan: I spent my twenties touring up and down the east coast and sharing the stage with artists like Martina McBride, Aaron Tippin and many others. I also worked as a commercial actor. I’d write, act and perform original music for my management deal and then sit in with cover pop and rock bands to help pay the bills and my college expenses. Fast forward past a few detours, a dropped record deal, 2 writer’s awards, a divorce and three moves to three different states…I am now here on the east coast of the US. It was after my daughter was born, when I decided to finally follow my heart again. I wrote my first album. Then I started my own consulting business helping first time artists and entrepreneurs follow their dream to reality. I have helped launch careers for actors, politicians, writers, coaches and doctors. And I have been happily creating original indie pop and rock music to be used in sync licensing while performing on the east coast. But what I am most excited about is helping artists soar past their biggest dreams like they are meant to do and help them do it sustainably.