My Farmlet Kitchen

These salads in a jar were easy, fast and very appealing to my family.

I believe that displaying these in the frig actually creates the true desire to eat health when you see it displayed so prettily in the farmlet kitchen.


Okay so I do try to eat healthy but lately it seems no matter what I do – the pounds stay on!

I endeavor to remedy this by less carbs and more green! Plus protein – always hard to get that in as I gravitate more towards vegetarian.

These were simple and so pretty that even my 7 year old gobbled it up- I used every veggie left in our garden and tossed in some feta- yes! These keep for 3 days in the frig.

Salad in a Jar

Layer romaine , peas, tomato, peppers and feta into jar- drizzle with dressing and voila!


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