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I’m Carolan. I’m an award winning vocalist and song writer. As a performer, I’ve been fortunate to have shared the stage with artists such as Martina McBride, Pinmonkey, Aaron Tippin, Amy Steinberg and others. I now create music for artists (and me) and sync licensing all over the globe with crazy talented people. I am forever grateful to do what I love in between chasing after my 9 year old, a rogue dachshund and a hermit crab named Flash.

 All of my songs are One Stop. Go here. 

Normal’s Overrated  


Glad to Be Here

What Happens in Havana


A few of the Media features:

“Expectation is everything. When a beautiful young woman took the stage, I expected to be uplifted and encouraged. I was unprepared for the protective shield around my heart to shatter like a crystal glass in response to the vibration of her voice. “Be still and hear the voice within, it will not lead you astray; for he has given his angels charge over thee and keep thee in all thy ways” were not just inspiring lyrics but a message, direct from God. I sobbed with relief in answer. And I thanked God for finding a means of communication that left no doubt as to his constant vigilance over my heart and soul. Carolan Deacon is a blessing to all of us with a gift straight from heaven, shared freely.  I am called daily to listen to one or more of her songs, as my heart softens with reassurance that I am not alone. I invite you to do the same!”
    ~ Julie Georges

“Carolan was definitely the inspiration and main catalyst behind the creation of our radio show “New Mountain Praise”. She is as beautiful inwardly as she is outwardly and she has a tremendous talent, great stage presence and powerful voice!”
    ~ Judy Jennings VP for Clear Channel Radio