Magic Kingdom- how to avoid the throngs of humanity at the park that’s ALWAYS crowded.

So as Disney annual pass holders we take our Disney visits seriously- they are in fact, part of our lifestyle. And while there is really no other place I woud rather be , most of the time… the heart of Disney (Magic Kingdom) gives me ALL I can take after one day.

And that makes me a wee bit sad because Magic Kingdom really is the essence of Disney. The first classic rides are found in MK and it has most of the originals like “It’s a Small World” and “Carousel” even “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Dumbo” and many others that opened the park in 1971.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the carousel was bought as an antique in 1917 and is still using the same horses with a new paint job?

And hands down, children under 10 really love MK most of all, usually. So why can I only take one day of MK?

PEOPLE. Throngs of people and there really is not a slow time for MK year round. But I have learned a few priceless tricks that have made our time there BIG in pleasure and I am going to let you in on it. Keep reading and if you want my help in planning your next Disney adventure or cruise send me a message on FB or email me at


1-Stay in a Disney resort! Not only are Disney Resorts a big part of why Disney is number one worldwide but you also get extra magic hours as a guest. Getting to the MK park an hour before it opens or staying an hour after it closes is a real plus with less than half the humanity that usually flanks the place.

2- Go at night! Seriously, it’s Florida and warm year round and can be super hot during the day so we now lounge poolside or catch up on laptop work or rest in the cool room and do not venture out to MK until after 5- so we be cooly strolling in just as throngs of tired people are traipsing out…and the sight of all those people vacating the park gives me warm fuzzies everytime, I promise.

Space to move!

Night time means Less line for my annual Main St Ice Cream Plaza sundae!

Night time can mean Multiple rides on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

Night time means less crowded- less hot and definitely better for my night owl husband who somehow doubles his energy level after the sun goes down.

The only down side is that most of the MK park after dark is…DARK. You can bring a light up wand or use your phone because sometimes it’s a guessing game as to where you are. But we like to think the place is sort of ours and we have learned our way around.

3- Use a stroller for kids under 10 (or for me)

This is hands down a must for us on every trip and our girl has been using the same stroller for 8 years now- this stroller not only moves easily- it gives you a little more navigating power in the crowd- sort of like a train. It also gives plenty of extra storage for the treats and gifts that we buy and the extra ponchos or sandals as needed.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog all about food at Disney- what to avoid and what to inhale!

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