Get Specific or Get Out. Deciding What to Offer in Your Biz That People Want to BUY. Dial It IN Sister…

I am fortunate to be a biz mentor to amazing entrepreneurs and coaches.

And I can share with you that all of them, when they first meet with me, are STUCK.

They are fired up and excited and they are ready to create their own COACHING business online so they can help more people, work from wherever they are and make more MONEY.
Some have already launched their coaching business and feel flat and discouraged because they know they are good at what they do…but it feels hard…this entrepreneur gig…they have not found their niche, sales are slow…it all feels hard…like too much to keep up with.

And when the word ‘marketing’ comes up, most get a thinly veiled grimace on their face. I get it.

They are frustrated. They are stuck and getting nowhere after having invested thousands of dollars on a coaching certification program or a new website.

But their rainbow is just around the bend…just a few more steps.

The easy to fix problem they have is this :
They are not dialed in and specific to WHO they want to help and WHAT problem they are helping them to overcome.
They have so many ideas of programs and services to offer and yet no clue how to dial it in and get crystal clear on what to offer that their target market will actually WANT TO BUY.
It is that lack of clarity that keeps them stuck, until they join forces with someone like me, I have been there myself and boy am I glad I got past the soul-sucking feeling of being STUCK.
Discerning WHO and WHAT is the essence of your money mojo and is much easier than it may at first appear.

Take for instance my client J, who came to me with 6 different ideas for an online business (6!) and she loved them all. She was stuck in the swirl of all her own goodness, education, talent and experience and she knew there were many ways she could help someone. But where to start? and why should she leave any amazing thing out? Someone may need it after all…or so she thought. What did we do? We found a way to arrange her most profound offerings like spokes in a wheel…each supporting the whole wheel of abundance.

What I believe with all my heart is this:
What you are meant to make a great income from is the very same thing that lights you up BIG! This should come as both inspiration AND relief.

I see it over and over again both in my private practice and in my True Voice Freedom and Biz Academy. You were designed to succeed in every level. You were made for this freedom gig. Don’t wait on abundance!

“As an entrepreneur with ideas upon ideas of creating and growing a heart-centered business, I was frustrated by how many times I had started and stopped and started and stopped. Working with Carolan gave me the motivation and determination that I needed to keep going. To keep growing. To keep believing. She challenged me to push past old mindsets that had been getting in my way time and time again and encouraged me to stretch and lean into new places. I now find myself more willing to take chances and risks and have been so excited to welcome the energy that I get from helping people set goals and achieve them. I enjoy our weekly calls together, but having access to Carolan at other, more unexpected, impromptu and spontaneous times, are the most energizing, the most refreshing. When I have an idea to share, I know she will be there to listen and encourage, with a push or a pull, just what I need, just when I need it. With Carolan’s guidance, I enjoyed a truly successful launch for my new online business, my income increased and my 2016 is going to be epic.”
~Sharon Zuckerwar Christiansburg Virginia

If you are stuck in the swirl and are ready to get things moving , join us for this FREE program ‘How to Create the Perfect Name for Your Offer That Sells It”.

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