Women in Music Making a Great Income Doing What They Love

I love meeting kindred spirits.

My intimate chat with the strikingly talented Sonnet Simmons Matthews is here. This talented and wise beauty has had her music featured in multiple ads and television shows across the country. I found her to be kind, authentic and definitely…the real deal.

You definitely want to learn more about Sonnet and her music, just go here.

If you are a songwriter interested in working with Sonnet in getting your music placed in television click here.

and my dear friend, please don’t waste your talent.

Please don’t waste your life in mediocrity and the stagnant energy of unexpressed gifts.

Go…do…create…express…LIVE full on. There really isn’t any other way.


Carolan~ Helping you make more money doing what you love to do…in true voice.


p.s. Want to learn how to turn what YOU love into a successful business? Grab your FREE e-guide here.


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How to feel great (no matter what) as a female entrepreneur

Is this you?

Sometimes you feel weighted down and tired. You just want to go back to sleep and wake up with magical amounts of positive energy that you used to have in the beginning of your new business. And it just doesn’t come.

Do you ever feel fuzzy headed and ‘glass half empty’ no matter how hard you try to be upbeat and optimistic? Do you crave something and then when you get it, you don’t feel any better?

This struggle is real. Low level serotonin for me and for millions of women has debilitating ripple effects. And as an entrepreneur for the fourth year running, keeping my body chemistry at optimal levels is …or truthfully, has had to become…PRIORITY.

As a former holistic health practitioner treating hundreds of clients, I learned simple common sense practices that make a huge difference…FAST.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned ALOT about what really supports my body/mind and I want you to know right now that if you struggle with low energy, low vibes and just feel bleh…

Help is on the way.

Just keep reading…

The truth?  As a heart led entrepreneur, we ARE our business on many levels. So when we don’t feel good, that low vibe energy can quickly have a negative, stagnating impact on our beloved biz that we have nurtured, birthed and grown like our own child.


If you want to feel better and keep your energy high so you can continue to help more people and grow your biz, there are four essential True Freedom Lifestyle tips you want to do NOW.


1- Consume little or no meat.

I know as a type O carnivore , this was not something I embraced even as my body was telling me otherwise. But the truth is , meat slows your body systems down, wreaks havoc on your hormones and is very inflammatory to your entire system. I am not going to go into all the science behind it, just wean back off the meat for two weeks (maybe use tiny bits for flavor or just consume meat once a week) and see how much better  and more energetic you feel. Replace the meat protein with legumes, beans, kales, nuts and seeds.


2- Use organic jojoba oil for your skin and face.

Your skin soaks up everything you put on it, bringing it to your bloodstream and there is no closer match to your skin own moisture than jojoba oil. This soothes and moisturizes like no other…it has no effect on your endocrine system and gives your a brilliant youthful glow. Promise.


3- Go to bed when the sun starts to go down and get up when the sun starts to come up.

That’s right~ catch the rhythm of mama nature…tuck in and tuck up. Think about how much life force you give out during the day and think on how much needs to be replenished in the sacred night, restoring mind and body. Bringing creative life force back into flow.


4- Drink 80 ounces of water each day.

Nothing slows your thinking down like mild dehydration. Drink up buttercup and not only will you drop a few pounds , you will think and feel so much better. Add fresh lemon for more boost.


I know you know these things…but we forget the basics and tend to put ourselves AFTER our biz and our family…especially if we carry a little of the useless emotion GUILT around having our own thing that we love…and putting ourselves back a few notches comes at a cost. You are the woman that your child looks up to and you are the woman that your community loves because you are YOU. Follow these practices for two weeks and tell me how much more amazing you feel. I would seriously love to know. I’m one of your biggest fans, you know.

Want FREE help to grow your heart led biz? Go here to download your free eguide “How to Jumpstart the Growth of Your Heart Led Biz with  Your True Voice”.  


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