Why Coaching is absolutely STILL one of the best businesses to be in.

I work with women and men around the globe who want freedom and fulfillment that comes from helping people.

They are coaches. They are teachers. They are corporate executives. They are doctors.

They are parents. They are office assistants.

But…the two things they all have in common is Passion for helping people overcome something that they themselves have overcome AND they have a strong desire to turn this offering into a sustainable successful freedom-centered business of their own.

There is a lot of noise on social media now about ‘6 figure months…get rich while you sleep’ etc…and while there is truth to this as a real possibility for anyone…real success starts and ends with helping someone overcome a problem. And your version of that is real and profound…don’t minimize your gifts. They were given to you for a reason.

I love my clients and I get as excited for them as they do. But believe me when I tell you, working closely with people is not for the faint of heart.

Many shy away from it.

It is the work that moves the needle….for real. It is also the work that changes lives…makes a profound impact…and creates opportunity for life changing financial success..freedom.

See, I think the world needs more BRAVE and less brag. That is where the one on one coaching comes into play.

It’s brave and powerful.

It’s lucrative in ways that allows successful coaches to make an even bigger impact and change life for their family.

It’s giving someone a co-pilot, a co-creative mind to work with and can flip the switch. YES!

So…coaches I salute you. You are seen. You are loved. You awe and inspire and please keep …ON.




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Less Is More- do you really believe it?

Less Is More and Curly Red Hiar

My daughter has a head full of red curls. Once a week without fail, someone will come up and ask me “Carolan, I can see where she got her red hair but where did she get those gorgeous curls?”

I smile and say “well we don’t know!”.

I believed this.

Then this past week, after washing my hair and being pressed for time, I decided to forgo using any conditioner or serum for dry hair, I would just have time to use shampoo. I knew it would mean my super thick hair would be tough to comb out but I did not have time.

I washed, towed dried partially and went out with my daughter. In 30 minutes, I passed a mirror and was amazed.

I had a head full  of bouncy curly red hair! It felt light and free and it was well…lovely to see. I felt lighter inside and looked brighter outside.

I was shocked that the conditioners or serums for dry hair that I had used for A LIFETIME were things I did not need after all and were supposed to make it shiny, glossy and better. Better…hmm…

But they didn’t make me better. The things I added weighed my hair down and made it something that was not me, truly me. I was better…I felt better without the added stuff.

I tossed the conditioner.

I see now that Less is more. Less is more.

It hit me that this is true for my business as well…as a solopreneur online : mentoring women in voice and biz and profit… I am reminded that less is more.. less is more.

Bells and whistles, fancy sites, techno gadgetry…

most of which you do not need. It can take focus away from what is true and truly felt and seen.

I am reminded to Keep it clean, straightforward and simple for best results. Everyone wins. And I have my hair to thank.

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I’ve got a sexy little secret.

I tripled my online business in the last 18 months.

And I will tell you a secret…


It all started when I got crystal clear on WHO I wanted to work with and WHY.

Want to know how I got this awesome clarity? Enjoy this teaching from the True Voice Freedom and Biz Academy below that will help YOU dial it in and make more money in your heart centered biz.

True Voice Teaching from “Siren- Calling It Forth” True Freedom & Biz Academy

Siren is one of three archetypes in the academy and she loves creating a gold mine of language to help you grow your community and your biz.

You are expanding into new waters (your online heart led biz) and you are beginning to grow your community.

To do this with wild success it is essential to create or tap into the goldmine of words that speak deeply to you and your people- especially in calling forth the people that do not yet know what you offer.

One of the ways I like to do this is by using an association pyramid.

First I name a feeling, like the feeling I want more of in my own life or the feeling my people have from working with me. I write the feeling word at the top of the page.

Then below it I list all the colors I associate with that feeling (starting to get the juices flowing).

Below each color I expand out and begin to list any objects, actions, physical sensations, ideas or phrases that the color suggest to you.

Make sense?

Now keep building the base of pyramid with more descriptive phrases. once you have what takes the shape of a pyramid that fills the page then you have a goldmine of mix and match phrases, words and images that you keep handy and begin to use CONSISTENTLY in all your posts, blogs, webpages etc… true to YOU. Calling forth new clients and buyers and awesome members of your own community.

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Intuition Trumps Logic in Success.

Intuition Trumps Logic in Success 

You want it. The freedom…the money…the fulfillment…the relationship…

You know somewhere deep in your heart that this path has been laid for you.

Yet, you procrastinate on taking action…you resist moving forward in real and measurable ways.

Not the right time…too much going on…

I know how you feel.

And I can tell you this: if you happen to be standing on the edge of doing something new and your brain tries to rationalize or logic you out of it,

remember you are being called because you ARE ready and capable and because a new freedom is waiting for you on the next step.

And because life is too short to not be lived full ON.

To me, intuition trumps logic every time because I know that intuition is Divine.

What could be more spot on than having an in house compass connected to all that is holy and infinite?

I have seen time and again when I listen to my ego brain (sometimes disguised as logic or rational but really she is just trying to keep me small and ‘safe’) things do not work.

and when I listen and act on my intuition, things work better than my brain could have imagined…the relief of it is palpable and beautiful.

And I aspire to always heed that call.

What is calling YOU? Xo

Baby Steps ….boring.

Baby Steps Bore Me

I realize that small steps have not often called my name. Even hearing my aunt tell me over and over “take baby steps Carolan” as  I was going through my divorce and revamping my entire career..hearing the phrase “baby steps” made me feel like scratching my eyes or running and I just wanted it all to happen yesterday.

And yet, it happens when it is supposed to and not a minute before.

I have learned that Good and potent things happen as long as I am taking steps.

I don’t have a problem with steps…just the size of them.

For me, I find peace in the bold or big step, Maybe even relief.

One way  I fill the need for big and bold is in marketing consistently.

because Confidence and clarity around successfully marketing what you offer comes up a LOT with my clients.

I get it. Honestly, I used to cringe myself when I heard the word MARKETING.

and as a mentor to amazing women in their freedom-centered online business, I can tell you that most starting out, CRINGE when they hear the word marketing.

So what do we do to remedy this?

We lean into your own True Voice AND we wrap it warmly around your WHY.

when you do that, marketing the beauty of what you offer feels easy and natural…and it calls forth epic abundance.

Ready for YOUR epic freedom NOW? Let’s talk.


Your Voice is a great indicator of your success.

This is from one of my voice programs earlier in my career and it still holds true for every single entrepreneur now- USE your voice. Doors open…income goes up.

Read over this and see where you are~

Warrior archetype:

Empowered~ Empowered Warrior speaks her Truth with effortless ease and she has an innate sense of her strength and personal freedom. She often finds herself using her voice to help those who do not have a Voice. She stands on a solid, strong foundation of her own personal Truths and because of this, she is fearless. She does not give concernto what others may say or think of her. She believes the affirmation of “I can take care of myself”. “I can speak for my true self.” Warrior knows the power of circling withother women in a protected journey where she can have her cup filled.

Silenced~ Silenced Warrior sometimes acts in fear by using her voice as a defensive means to protect herself and if she feels severely threatened she may sometimes use her words/thoughts on the offensive and say things she does not really mean and that can be painful. She may have trouble creating and enforcing healthy boundaries in her work and personal life. She is sometimes uncertain what her deepest Truths are.

The reality that Warrior is learning is this:
The quality of her relationships, her honesty with herself , her Joy factor, her income and her sense of fulfillment are only as good as her ability to speak and live her TRUTH.

Want to speak some truth to me about what you want and what you no longer want so I can help you get there faster?

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