Your creativity actually depends on pressure. Sound crazy? Read below

As an independent artist and consultant to women  going into freedom-centered entrepreneurship, I have learned a few interesting things about what REALLY helps my creativity to thrive.



I’m not talking about the kind of pressure that comes with fast pulse or a weight in your chest.

I am talking about serious structure with a firm foundation of “got to do it by this time or it  won’t happen”.

I pick up my girl from school at 2:15 each day so that means my writing, singing and pitching needs to happen between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm. And it does. Double whammy?

It works well because my best creativity happens in the morning and for real clarity and sparks…right in the first 30 minutes of waking before coffee.  Notice your best times for creative energy and honor them by using them every single day.

I realized that even though creating and performing music is my heartbeat and happy brain power, it tended to be the first thing I would set aside in favor of my day to day consulting biz.

Once I saw this though- I changed it. My coaching and consulting biz THRIVES and now…so does my music. I use the pressure of time to help me accomplish goals every single day. I write to do’s and I check them off.  We tend to assume real creativity needs wide open space but I disagree. Wide open spaces and endless time is saved for family time and me time.

I stand by this: Real creativity is birthed from within and, like a baby, is truly nourished by routine and structure.

My two cents. Thanks for reading!





Women in Music Making a Great Income Doing What They Love

I love meeting kindred spirits.

My intimate chat with the strikingly talented Sonnet Simmons Matthews is here. This talented and wise beauty has had her music featured in multiple ads and television shows across the country. I found her to be kind, authentic and definitely…the real deal.

You definitely want to learn more about Sonnet and her music, just go here.

If you are a songwriter interested in working with Sonnet in getting your music placed in television click here.

and my dear friend, please don’t waste your talent.

Please don’t waste your life in mediocrity and the stagnant energy of unexpressed gifts.

Go…do…create…express…LIVE full on. There really isn’t any other way.


Carolan~ Helping you make more money doing what you love to do…in true voice.


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How to feel great (no matter what) as a female entrepreneur

Is this you?

Sometimes you feel weighted down and tired. You just want to go back to sleep and wake up with magical amounts of positive energy that you used to have in the beginning of your new business. And it just doesn’t come.

Do you ever feel fuzzy headed and ‘glass half empty’ no matter how hard you try to be upbeat and optimistic? Do you crave something and then when you get it, you don’t feel any better?

This struggle is real. Low level serotonin for me and for millions of women has debilitating ripple effects. And as an entrepreneur for the fourth year running, keeping my body chemistry at optimal levels is …or truthfully, has had to become…PRIORITY.

As a former holistic health practitioner treating hundreds of clients, I learned simple common sense practices that make a huge difference…FAST.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned ALOT about what really supports my body/mind and I want you to know right now that if you struggle with low energy, low vibes and just feel bleh…

Help is on the way.

Just keep reading…

The truth?  As a heart led entrepreneur, we ARE our business on many levels. So when we don’t feel good, that low vibe energy can quickly have a negative, stagnating impact on our beloved biz that we have nurtured, birthed and grown like our own child.


If you want to feel better and keep your energy high so you can continue to help more people and grow your biz, there are four essential True Freedom Lifestyle tips you want to do NOW.


1- Consume little or no meat.

I know as a type O carnivore , this was not something I embraced even as my body was telling me otherwise. But the truth is , meat slows your body systems down, wreaks havoc on your hormones and is very inflammatory to your entire system. I am not going to go into all the science behind it, just wean back off the meat for two weeks (maybe use tiny bits for flavor or just consume meat once a week) and see how much better  and more energetic you feel. Replace the meat protein with legumes, beans, kales, nuts and seeds.


2- Use organic jojoba oil for your skin and face.

Your skin soaks up everything you put on it, bringing it to your bloodstream and there is no closer match to your skin own moisture than jojoba oil. This soothes and moisturizes like no other…it has no effect on your endocrine system and gives your a brilliant youthful glow. Promise.


3- Go to bed when the sun starts to go down and get up when the sun starts to come up.

That’s right~ catch the rhythm of mama nature…tuck in and tuck up. Think about how much life force you give out during the day and think on how much needs to be replenished in the sacred night, restoring mind and body. Bringing creative life force back into flow.


4- Drink 80 ounces of water each day.

Nothing slows your thinking down like mild dehydration. Drink up buttercup and not only will you drop a few pounds , you will think and feel so much better. Add fresh lemon for more boost.


I know you know these things…but we forget the basics and tend to put ourselves AFTER our biz and our family…especially if we carry a little of the useless emotion GUILT around having our own thing that we love…and putting ourselves back a few notches comes at a cost. You are the woman that your child looks up to and you are the woman that your community loves because you are YOU. Follow these practices for two weeks and tell me how much more amazing you feel. I would seriously love to know. I’m one of your biggest fans, you know.

Want FREE help to grow your heart led biz? Go here to download your free eguide “How to Jumpstart the Growth of Your Heart Led Biz with  Your True Voice”.  


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Get Specific or Get Out. Deciding What to Offer in Your Biz That People Want to BUY. Dial It IN Sister…

I am fortunate to be a biz mentor to amazing entrepreneurs and coaches.

And I can share with you that all of them, when they first meet with me, are STUCK.

They are fired up and excited and they are ready to create their own COACHING business online so they can help more people, work from wherever they are and make more MONEY.
Some have already launched their coaching business and feel flat and discouraged because they know they are good at what they do…but it feels hard…this entrepreneur gig…they have not found their niche, sales are slow…it all feels hard…like too much to keep up with.

And when the word ‘marketing’ comes up, most get a thinly veiled grimace on their face. I get it.

They are frustrated. They are stuck and getting nowhere after having invested thousands of dollars on a coaching certification program or a new website.

But their rainbow is just around the bend…just a few more steps.

The easy to fix problem they have is this :
They are not dialed in and specific to WHO they want to help and WHAT problem they are helping them to overcome.
They have so many ideas of programs and services to offer and yet no clue how to dial it in and get crystal clear on what to offer that their target market will actually WANT TO BUY.
It is that lack of clarity that keeps them stuck, until they join forces with someone like me, I have been there myself and boy am I glad I got past the soul-sucking feeling of being STUCK.
Discerning WHO and WHAT is the essence of your money mojo and is much easier than it may at first appear.

Take for instance my client J, who came to me with 6 different ideas for an online business (6!) and she loved them all. She was stuck in the swirl of all her own goodness, education, talent and experience and she knew there were many ways she could help someone. But where to start? and why should she leave any amazing thing out? Someone may need it after all…or so she thought. What did we do? We found a way to arrange her most profound offerings like spokes in a wheel…each supporting the whole wheel of abundance.

What I believe with all my heart is this:
What you are meant to make a great income from is the very same thing that lights you up BIG! This should come as both inspiration AND relief.

I see it over and over again both in my private practice and in my True Voice Freedom and Biz Academy. You were designed to succeed in every level. You were made for this freedom gig. Don’t wait on abundance!

“As an entrepreneur with ideas upon ideas of creating and growing a heart-centered business, I was frustrated by how many times I had started and stopped and started and stopped. Working with Carolan gave me the motivation and determination that I needed to keep going. To keep growing. To keep believing. She challenged me to push past old mindsets that had been getting in my way time and time again and encouraged me to stretch and lean into new places. I now find myself more willing to take chances and risks and have been so excited to welcome the energy that I get from helping people set goals and achieve them. I enjoy our weekly calls together, but having access to Carolan at other, more unexpected, impromptu and spontaneous times, are the most energizing, the most refreshing. When I have an idea to share, I know she will be there to listen and encourage, with a push or a pull, just what I need, just when I need it. With Carolan’s guidance, I enjoyed a truly successful launch for my new online business, my income increased and my 2016 is going to be epic.”
~Sharon Zuckerwar Christiansburg Virginia

If you are stuck in the swirl and are ready to get things moving , join us for this FREE program ‘How to Create the Perfect Name for Your Offer That Sells It”.

Ditch the Day Job. It’s Making You Sick.

For many years, I wore a straight jacket to work every day.
Well, it was a collection of blazers, suits and hose (do they even still manufacture hose?) and they all felt to me like I was wearing a straight jacket. Stifled…bored…tight and trapped.

And I will tell you something else, while working at that draining job, I was waking up tired every morning and drinking more alcohol than I should to numb out my day when I got home. I was also writing and singing professionally and trying to get a record deal in Nashville while working a full time job in Kentucky. I felt like I was living two lives and I got depressed and more anxious by the month.

I was an actor AND a misfit because my heart was not in my job…and I craved freedom.

One day I had enough. On my last day at the office, I tossed my suits to Goodwill, burned the hose and bought an inexpensive laptop. I hired myself a mentor…someone who had already done what I wanted to do.

All I knew was that I wanted to have an online business of some sort – I just had no clue what to offer.
Does that sound familiar to you?

I did not let lack of clarity stop me from starting to work on my business. I knew in order to thrive and not just survive I could never go back to working for someone else.
I learned and listened and worked with some great minds. I figured it out- what worked and what did not.

Now to be clear, I am not suggesting that tomorrow you put in your notice at your job, get in the car and just …see. what. happens. ( I am getting ready to release a new song about that very thing though).

You still have to survive.

Half of the entrepreneurial spirits that I mentor are still working at a job (for a little while longer) when they begin with me and we transition out while we build and grow the income from their own heart centered business.

“The decision to work with Carolan Deacon as my business mentor is seriously the best decision I have ever made!
She has become such a dear and trusted presence in my life.
I don’t even know how people do it with no help or how I’d have developed my new business, if I’d decided to go it on my own. By now, I probably would have gotten overwhelmed and would be back to doing some soul sucking job, counting the long years until retirement. Instead, I get to do work I love with women I love.”
~Martina Rutledge of Portland Oregon

There is HUGE momentum in just taking the first step…and ask this: do I really want to be here in this job?
No, I bet you don’t.
Don’t waste another minute living half asleep.
Freedom waits but you have to decide right this minute to not waste any more time in a situation you do not love while the clock ticks and your precious life is moving right by.

My only regret is I did not leave sooner than I actually did. I won’t make the same mistake again. I am in the entrepreneurial gig for keeps. It keeps me happy, sane and making more money than I have ever made in my life.

Want to learn how I did it? Join me in our FREE Facebook group for lots of true voice tools and magic to make your biz ROCK!

P.S. If you are ready to begin the transition into your own business , you will definitely want to join me for this FREE training “How to Create the Perfect Name for Your Business or Offering That SELLS It”.