Why I need Disney like air and why you do too…

So this is a new blog but honestly I’ve been blogging about Disney on FB posts, in person meet ups and pretty much to anyone who will stand still long enough because…

I am a devout Disney person- much more than a fan- it’s one of my passions because I see what Walt Disney took from his heart and inspite of the naysaying from his nearest and dearest he made magic come to life. And it has not stopped growing. There is a reason people go to Disneyworld and Disneyland over and over again. It is a rich multi-sensory experience that will blow your mind everytime. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this blog I will feature different aspects of each park and each resort- they are all exquisitely themed. I do this because I think if you are reading this blog then you need to go too…and also so you can learn more and decide when and where you would like to go.

I often have people say to me “how do you afford to travel there so often?” The truth is~ I have a successful coaching and consulting business for entrepreneurs that gives me total freedom to work when I want and from wherever I am. The other part of it is…I am also a performer/ singer and writer and my intention is to one day get a song of mine placed inside the Disney empire. Honestly I get my magic doses when I am in the Majic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom or Epcot or Hollywood Studios. 

See, I believe this need in me to be part of all things Disney is a calling card from God~ a nudge from the Divine saying “hey you…the one who eats too much ice cream and obsesses over your next trip…you got gifts, now use em! You know where to go and what to do…just keep on. You’ll get there sooner and easier than you may think.”  That is true for you too, my friend.

Disney does it for me. I hope you will find your own Disney and maybe even some inspiration in this blog.

First up is our favorite Disney resort Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resorts leaves nothing to lack…it is heaven to come back here time and again and the minute you arrive it is like stepping into a lush african savannah and in the middle of it is the huge lobby of AKL Jambo House- dark and cool with wood and the smell of spice and smoke and don’t even get me started on the african art that decorates the lodge.

This is a resort for you if you love nature and your family loves animals, you are literally surrounded by giraffe, zebra, wildebeast, gazelle and dozens of other savanah wildlife. 

The food at Boma is excellent with a wide array of african and american dishes (try the boboti and the zulu cabbage!).

The rooms are great too, as all Disney rooms are, for the most part -these have lots of wood and african decor. This resort is a longer bus ride to Magic Kingdom but it’s close to Animal Kingdom.  Animal Kingdom Lodge is a resort that is a great place to stay and hang out and skip the parks if you are so inclined. The pools at both Jambo House and the sister property at Kidani Village are fun and beautiful. My little girl and I have a tradition to always get a frozen coconut raspberry (na) drink from the pool bar each visit before we hit the water and we always eat dinner the first night at Boma.

There are african conservation experts stationed throughout the resort at different times with fun learning activities for the kids and engagement opportunities for the animals. There are also free night vision goggles that can be used to view the night animal life. This is a quiet resort overall…the animals are the center stage here and they are free to roam the ground and look healthy and active. I remember the first time we stayed here in 2013- I had not been to Disney since the age of 10 and I instantly fell in love with this resort.

One thing happened on our first visit though that I do want to caution you about -ADULT SCOOTERS-. My daughter who was 3 at the time was standing behind me in line to check in and my husband was getting cinnamon water offered in the lobby when a woman on a scooter zoomed by, hit my daughter and pushed her flat on the floor with the vehicle. The staff instantly raced over and made sure she was okay – brought her matching Minnie and Mickey plushes and we got an upgrade to a suite with a perfect savannah view.

 I have seen some reckless (shall I say almost entitled) behavior with a few of these adult scooters both in parks and resorts- some of whom will hop off their scooter and race to the next fast pass ride. So while most people on scooters are aware and courteous -Give them space and watch your kids. This particular woman who was staying at the resort did not even stop long enough to say she was sorry- she looked back and kept on scooting.

But don’t let that deter you because for the most part, this resort is totally unique and worth the money to stay here, It’s more than a hotel stay – its an experience in another world that you will never forget.

Just like I will never forget the first time I was waking up to the sound of soft hooves of zebra and the munching of grass by zebra…it is something you never forget. 

 Stay tuned for my next blog post and I am glad you are in my life.

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Carolan Deacon

The saving bliss of slowing down.

I am a very sensitive soul. Sometimes I wish I were thicker -skinned but then I wonder if life would be the same. What I have learned is that this sensitive, energetic creative self is how I am made and learning myself is the most important thing I can do for myself, my family and everyone in my world.

I learned that all my fire passion will serve no one if not tended and banked regularly. Delicious naps (one this afternoon), taking social media off my phone, best food I can find and create, time to sing and write and sing some more…to balance my entire self inside the beat and rhythm and sound.

I learned that the winds of blessing swirl closer and I can do so much more so much better when I do less.


Winter is deep and cold. The natural inclination is the right one. To rest in blanket and drink hot things, to sleep when the light goes down and rise when the sun comes up. And time …acres of time that seems to keep expanding more and more as I do less and say no more often.

I love to love and I love to create.

With those two shining anthems as my guides I am softly and gently and beautifully unstoppable…and so it is for YOU. What do you want?

I invite you to peruse what I have waiting for you…simpler, richer, deeper, softer. And if you would like to talk privately with me cup of tea in hand, well dear one just go here.

Why Coaching is absolutely STILL one of the best businesses to be in.

I work with women and men around the globe who want freedom and fulfillment that comes from helping people.

They are coaches. They are teachers. They are corporate executives. They are doctors.

They are parents. They are office assistants.

But…the two things they all have in common is Passion for helping people overcome something that they themselves have overcome AND they have a strong desire to turn this offering into a sustainable successful freedom-centered business of their own.

There is a lot of noise on social media now about ‘6 figure months…get rich while you sleep’ etc…and while there is truth to this as a real possibility for anyone…real success starts and ends with helping someone overcome a problem. And your version of that is real and profound…don’t minimize your gifts. They were given to you for a reason.

I love my clients and I get as excited for them as they do. But believe me when I tell you, working closely with people is not for the faint of heart.

Many shy away from it.

It is the work that moves the needle….for real. It is also the work that changes lives…makes a profound impact…and creates opportunity for life changing financial success..freedom.

See, I think the world needs more BRAVE and less brag. That is where the one on one coaching comes into play.

It’s brave and powerful.

It’s lucrative in ways that allows successful coaches to make an even bigger impact and change life for their family.

It’s giving someone a co-pilot, a co-creative mind to work with and can flip the switch. YES!

So…coaches I salute you. You are seen. You are loved. You awe and inspire and please keep …ON.




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The Farmlet Kitchen

I use my crockpot ALOT. For some reason it makes me feel like someone else is doing the cooking for me whilst I happily go about my day. It also makes the house smell warm and delicious and cozy.

This will set your insides aglow with joy.

Mexican Bean Soup

1 package each dry chick peas and lentils

1 can drained dark red kidney beans

1 can Mexican stewed tomatoes

1 -2 quarts water

1 minced shallot, 1/2 cup each chopped celery and carroty

cumin, salt, chili powder to taste…and a tbsp of brown sugar

1/2 cut olive oil

Toss it in the pot and let cook on low for about 8 hours.

Serve with avocado or quest fresco.

Great food makes for a great life, I believe it.



the LIES

I am here to help you successfully create a new source of fulfilling income…a beautiful heart led business of your own.

I believe your heart can pull this vision off.

I believe you have got the chops to back up the vision.

Why do I believe this?

I believe this because I was right where you are now…and now I am in my 5th year of truly successful business growth. Thank you God.

I believe this because I am not for the faint of heart and if you’re here- you’ve got passion in your gut.

Like minds and all that…

So what do you think is holding you back from doing what you REALLY want to do?

I may be stepping out on a limb here but…
I believe what often keeps some of us from really owning our success is the belief of finite space for true leaders. The belief that there is not enough room is Lie #1.

There is always room for true leaders with a servant’s heart.

I believe there is another obstacle for people who keep tucked to themselves the goodness the world so desperately needs.
Lie #2~ I must reach the masses to be truly successful in my own online business.

NOTHING could be further from the truth!
Indeed, if you are going for the masses BEFORE you have successfully served the individual, you will not succeed.
Let me say this again- it’s important.
Your success is birthed from your ability to dial in to a small niche. Your ideal market- the people who desperately need what YOU have to give them. Start with small and close…serve profoundly and then circle up and ripple outward.

So let me ask you this…what change do you want for yourself in 2019?
What feeling do you crave more of in 2019?

Write it out and send back to me here. I read every single one. There is power in claiming it for yourself to another.

What’s coming up:

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My Farmlet Kitchen

These salads in a jar were easy, fast and very appealing to my family.

I believe that displaying these in the frig actually creates the true desire to eat health when you see it displayed so prettily in the farmlet kitchen.


Okay so I do try to eat healthy but lately it seems no matter what I do – the pounds stay on!

I endeavor to remedy this by less carbs and more green! Plus protein – always hard to get that in as I gravitate more towards vegetarian.

These were simple and so pretty that even my 7 year old gobbled it up- I used every veggie left in our garden and tossed in some feta- yes! These keep for 3 days in the frig.

Salad in a Jar

Layer romaine , peas, tomato, peppers and feta into jar- drizzle with dressing and voila!