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#1 Bestseller: “How to Get WhatEVER You Want Using Your True Voice”

Did you know that your voice is the key for gaining everything you ever wanted? (taken from the True Voice Freedom Academy)

In this self-study course you will learn my signature secrets as an entrepreneur mentor and voice coach that tap into the power of your VOICE and your throat chakra. By the end of this training, you will know how to have the hard chats without your blood pressure going through the roof. You will learn simple visualization for effective boundaries in healthy relationships. And, you’ll discover how to open doors to new success and abundance using the power of your throat chakra. – $99



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#2 Bestseller: “How to Really Create a Successful  Biz”

You have some ideas about having your own online business but just aren’t sure how to dial it in and start. In this self-study course you will be given the keys in what it REALLY takes to stand apart and have your own online offering and/or business. By the end of this training, you’ll know how to dial in and get clear on what you will offer and to whom.

You will know how to take the mystery and stress out of successful marketing and you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing your WHY and how to convey the importance of your work to your community allowing them to become buyers, clients and followers. – $89

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#3 Bestseller: “A Year of Ease & Grace for YOU”

Are you ready to say good bye to the fear, doubt and anxiety that keeps you stuck, tired and overwhelmed? This self -study course takes the best of an entire year of Ease & Grace Circle membership program and wraps it into a rich sensory experience you can enjoy anytime anywhere. Ease and Grace Circle was my first membership program and I still have women from all over the world asking me for this because they miss the healing presence on the daily program in their life. This beautiful book has music, imagery, aroma, nutrition and mindset teachings plus a whole lot more to help you kick anxiety to the curb and live a life you LOVE.  – $79 

$79- get your instant PDF

‘A YEAR OF EASE AND GRACE FOR YOU’digital book in color.




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