Baby Steps ….boring.

Baby Steps Bore Me

I realize that small steps have not often called my name. Even hearing my aunt tell me over and over “take baby steps Carolan” as  I was going through my divorce and revamping my entire career..hearing the phrase “baby steps” made me feel like scratching my eyes or running and I just wanted it all to happen yesterday.

And yet, it happens when it is supposed to and not a minute before.

I have learned that Good and potent things happen as long as I am taking steps.

I don’t have a problem with steps…just the size of them.

For me, I find peace in the bold or big step, Maybe even relief.

One way  I fill the need for big and bold is in marketing consistently.

because Confidence and clarity around successfully marketing what you offer comes up a LOT with my clients.

I get it. Honestly, I used to cringe myself when I heard the word MARKETING.

and as a mentor to amazing women in their freedom-centered online business, I can tell you that most starting out, CRINGE when they hear the word marketing.

So what do we do to remedy this?

We lean into your own True Voice AND we wrap it warmly around your WHY.

when you do that, marketing the beauty of what you offer feels easy and natural…and it calls forth epic abundance.

Ready for YOUR epic freedom NOW? Let’s talk.


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