Are You Too Much?

Are You Too Much to?

Too much..not enough…a nuance..insinuation..point blank disdain…and that precious part of you feels under attack…threatened and shrinks deep down, hiding.

But she is not lost..she is still there waiting for the thaw.

Is this you? I know it’s been me many times.

I can remember when and where and with who…I shut down.

I shut down. I shut down.

And I learned this: we tend to judge ourselves for the very qualities that make us magnificent.

I implore you to notice where someone may have insinuated you were ‘too much of this’ or ‘ not enough of that’.

Did a piece of you wither? Mine did. I remember the shrinking flower feeling from a young girl to just about 6 years ago.

Now I am made of stronger stuff…I have a warrior queen in me and she does not wither…for anyone.

My dear friend…your life is your life is YOUR LIFE.

Put some bubble wrap around those very parts you catch yourself wondering about…”am I too much of this? not enough of that?

Put a chenille throw on to protect it.

That very “too much” “not enough” piece of you is your superpower. Unleash it. true voice sets you free.


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