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You are here and I'm so glad. I’m Carolan.

I’m the founder of True Voice Freedom & Biz Academy, mentor to entrepreneurs around the world and an award winning artist and I will tell you something... I LOVE helping people get the freedom they want.

I wake up excited each morning because I design my own days doing work I'm passionate about and I make an amazing income from doing what I love.

But I can tell you that a few years ago, I was stuck and struggling. I finally decided to follow my heart and launch my first heart led offering for women.

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You’re just not going to settle anymore. You’re tired of working hard and doing the ‘right things’ only to find yourself still struggling to grow your income. You want less time on your laptop and more time on the beach.


Deep dive sessions, email support, and access to a secret vault can be all yours.

This is the beginning of the VIP Platinum Experience!

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Ditch the day job and make money doing what you love by building your own successful empire!

Dial in and get crystal clear around what to offer that people will actually want to buy.

Increase your income & grow your mailing list FAST from zero (or jumpstart an existing list)

Gain true confidence as you discover how to take the mystery out of marketing, growing your income.

I want to make money doing what I LOVE